It all started with the love of nature to unwind after a hectic workday. Kandelarya the Farm Kitchen or simply KFK boasts of the serene environment in the middle of a farm-feel location where there are different animals in cages like goats, geese, ducks, sheep; fruit-bearing trees like lanzones, rambutan, coconut, etc. 

And what better way to relax but to fill one’s tummy with good food like, Kandelarya Krispy Pata which Candelaria Quezon is known for; fresh seafood from Dalahican port; vegetables picked from the backyard.  Our Kitchen team has tried and tested all the food on the menu to come up with a taste that will satisfy one’s palate.

Not to mention, that KFK could be reserved for private parties to celebrate milestones of your friends and families.  Memories will be etched forever because Kandelarya the Farm Kitchen will assure only what is best for you.